Dr.Vikas Mittal

Dr Vikas Mittal looks young but has about 15 years' experience in field of Pulmonary Medicine. His strengths include being meticulous, diligent and academic. He is very dynamic but at the same time humble and down to earth, so easily approachable. He has good clinical expertise in dealing with all kinds of pulmonary diseases and is well versed with all major diagnostic and therapeutic pulmonary procedures, having done about more than 1000 bronchoscopy/interventional pulmonary procedures. He is also involved in research work related to pulmonary diseases. He is a strong believer that practise of medicine is "an art as well as a science" and so always honestly practices evidence based medicine but with a practical and human touch [sevabhav] with utmost human ethics.

Another unique part of his practice is that he believes in working as a team with a group of doctors [equally trained as him and personally mentored by him]. The team of doctors around Delhi/NCR works as per a fixed protocol/guidelines, so that each and every patient is taken care by his team doctor in a similar manner as he himself would have taken care of them. This ensures that all patients are always given GOOD QUANTITY OF TIME (patient hearing) and a QUALITY TIME without overstretching any individual doctor and without patient moving from one corner of city to another.
"He and his team treats all their patient as they would do for their family."


Preferred doctor for treatment related to all kinds of chest diseases, sleep medicine and respiratory critical care and a preferred doctor for resident doctors/fellows to join him and work as a team.


To provide a comprehensive holistic quality, evidence based, precise care for each patient
with sevabhav and a focus on academics.

"Each organ is related to an emotion, and the lungs are related to grief. When you clear your lungs, you eliminate grief and sadness."

Consult For :




Nose Block

Running Nose

Any Sleep Problem

While writting this I am feeling so overwhelmed that I am running out of words to thank Dr. Vikas Mittal for his dedication and passion about his profession and hence his patients. Its never an enjoyable experience to go through a disease/ hospital , however it has been an unparrelled pleasure and honour having Dr. Vikas Mittal as a consultant to my father who is a senior citizenand I should admit a little dificult as a patient. The hope for life Dr. Vikas Mittal has given him is commandable and the approach he has towards his senior citizen makes me and my mother respect him more as a doctor. Dr. Vikas is a blessing in disguise.He perhaps is the youngest and most dynamic doctor in his fieldof specialisation we have come across in 4 - 5 yrs of dealing with my father's disease.

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Mukta Bhardwaj

Mukta Bhardwaj

I would like to thank you from the core of my heartfor your expert service.It was really an excellent experience wiyh you . Your personal touch with the patient will be remembered always.

✱ Results may vary person to person.
Ramesh.C.Jain (Varanasi)

Ramesh.C.Jain (Varanasi)

I visited Max hospital to second opinion for my daughter Ritu Thakar who is being treated for T.B. in Fortis Hospital Noida.I have no words to write here that Dr. Vikas Mittal attended so well and explained all the things in detail . Ihave never seen such a nice treatment in my life of 59 yrs.

✱ Results may vary person to person.
O.P.Thakar(Delhi Office LIC of India)

O.P.Thakar(Delhi Office LIC of India)

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